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Now, you can get viral and be famous in an instant with Instant Instagra Followres - IIF tool. Get thousands of free instagram followers in just a few minutes without doing tons of work.

In just few steps you will witness how powerful our system are. Just follow the following steps to have a successful campaign almost instant! Working with thousands why not work with yours? No software needed to get real Instagram followers. We don't just offer 1,000 followers but XX,XXX number of followers per account.

Curious how? We only need your Instagram profile URL just to get your followers start coming-in in a couple of minutes and over hours start seeing hundreds of followers will start flooding your account. No hardwork needed as we eat them all.

But wait, instagram followers is not what just we offer we also offers photo likes and positive comments on photos all for FREE!

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Your photos will get thousands of likes or positive comments in just few minutes. Try it out now, its FREE.


  • To get started simply click the button below.
  • Enter your instagram username (ex.
  • Choose the amount of followers, photo likes, or positive comments you want to add on your account/photos.
  • Choose duration for the followers to be completed. We will divide number of followers to add per day according to the days choosen.

Note: Do not abuse the system otherwise you will get banned together with your account used to get followers.

Server Status:

  • 219,888 Campaigns has been completed: The server successfully processed the campaings since 2012.
  • 8,540,230 followers has been added to users account and still counting.
  • 513 Failed Campaigns: The server is temporarily unable to handle the request.
  • 400 Error Request: The request cannot be fulfilled due to bad syntax.

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Mary Posted on January 10, 2015

amazing free Twitter followers !!!! Overall the amazing part is it FREE!“

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Steve Posted on Febuaury 11, 2015


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Allen Posted on Febuaury 19, 2015

Yhea, I got started using this site about 5 weeks ago. It was funny seeing this on the news article today... Right now I've got already 110k of Twitter Folllowers!!!.. GEEZZ this is amazing!

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Sarah Posted on March 10, 2015

I disagree Sarah, I think it's very nice of Developer to offer this Twitter followers/Retweet tool system for free... Out of all the other systems I checked before arriving here, Dan is the only one who actually shows proof of concept.. and as a result - !! HAHA!

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Kent Posted on March 12, 2015

damn I just got 50k of Retweet on a single photo!!!!! FREAKING AMAZING!!!.

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